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GUANG (Light) is an interactive wall installation that seeks to communicate different spaces, more specifically, the outside with the inside. Its goal is to help bring nature indoors, into our homes. With the use of pure white lights, the back panel lights up constantly luring the user into the space. Once standing on a pressure sensor placed under feet silhouette, a “rain of lights” surrounds the individual with beautiful organic shapes from nature.

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Based on this prototype we got a chance to test the interaction, which led us to remove some difficulties from the equation. Now, instead of using felt pompoms as our pressure sensors, we will build a padded semi-sphere which will enclose several pressure sensors, and depending on how and where you touch it, it will trigger sets of lights and sounds in the installation. This will also give us more alternatives to hide the circuitry, for a better look+feel.

Here’s a small video of our working prototype.

Here is my paper circuit with Ardunio. It is a pull down switch. The Lotus flower is both a simple switch and a pressure sensor.

Here’s my code.

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The is the first time that I was able to use Origami for a class. I have always wanted to learn Origami and this class allowed me to do so. It was a lot of fun.

My Process
I found making this simple switch very challenging. The materials need to make the switch I found incredibly difficult and unstable. The conductive thread easily become non-conductive when I applied type, I used two different kinds of tape; Scotch Tape and Medical Tape (used to tape pages tighter in book binding).  After spending four hours trying the conductive thread I decided to use wire. The making of the lever was easy. My background is in graphic design and I have experience in making object with paper. The most frustrating part of the project was the conductive materials. With time I think I will be able use the material more affectively.

Materials used:
100lb Bristol Paper
Bone Folder ( used to scour paper for folding)
Double Side Scotch Tape (tape lever together)

Objects: Non Tech
Coffee Cup
Ear Muffs

Objects: Tech
Digital Watch
Alarm Clock
Ear Phones
Electric Razor

Ear Phone Ear Muffs
Look and Feel: I would like to have a pair of fluffy ear muffs with speakers attached inside of the ear muffs. The ear phone cord will run down the side of the ear muffs.
Role: The ear muffs enables  the user to listen to music in cold conditions without the need for two different products that is stylish and functional.
Implementation: Pair of headphones and ear muffs. The speakers will be imbedded into the ear muffs with a soft cushion on top of the speaker for comfort.

Umbrella Light
Look and Feel: A basic umbrella that flashes LED lights when rain hits the top of the umbrella.
Role: Rain is usually associated with dark cloudy days that feel gloomy, I wish to change that.  Main idea is to make rain more playful with the use of light and LEDs.  The a L.E.D light to turn on and off once a rain drop hits the umbrella. I would like to have many LED’s trigger at different times as the rain hits the umbrella.
Implementation: I will use am umbrella, perhaps a Arduino to program timing and a Piezo Vibration Sensor – Large sku: SEN-09196 (sparkfun)

Plant Feeder Indicator
Look and Feel: Have the base of the flower pot attached with an LCD screen and buzzer.
Role: We all have very busy lives and we tend to forget things, like water our plants and flowers. This interface will allow or force the user to remember when to water his or her plant. A buzzer will announce when the plant needs to be watered and a LCD screen will indicate if it needs water, or sun light.
Implementation: I will use an Arduino to set a specific time to trigger when the plant needs water and or sun light.