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Well, our workshop was super successful if you don’t count the lack of students.  We only had one signup and he didn’t show for the actual event.  We ended up playing with the nitinol a bit and talking to Paola about how to adapt it for kids.  Here are some images from what we made:

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Here are the videos:


My final project was to put together a kit and instruction set for people who want to learn about Shape Memory Alloy.

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Heres an example of what can be made with the kit:

They also had a lot of new solar powered lamps and lights.

Here is some work I did with branding for the kits. The first slide is some logo ideas, the second slide is the logo I chose and a color scheme, and the third slide is an example of the implemented branding.

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This is so cool:

More info can be found here:

As someone blows into the microphone it triggers the circuit controlling the nitinol wire:

Here is an implementation where I added some tissue paper to the nitinol wire, I still need to work with how the nitinol wire moves:

I’m also having trouble power multiple things controlled by the nitinol wire, so I need to figure that out….

As you can see, my sensor is wayyyy too sensitive (and because I’m using max/msp runtime at the moment, I can’t edit the program).  But it is in fact controlling the amount of zoom on the image.

Here is my favorite artist of the moment:  Stina Perrson

Stina Persson

Stina Persson

While she isn’t an interactive artist (she is an illustrator)  I love the way she dynamically uses color and white space to activate her pieces.

I have two proposals for my final project.  I’d like to tie my final project in with my final project for Major Studio.  The concept for my major studio project is to visually portray through an interactive art installation the way our personal identity is tied up in our physical or emotional home.

Proposal One:

This is the final project that I am working on for major studio.  It is a model of an installation.  It is a sphere shape that viewers can interact with by blowing into the breath sensors.  As the viewer breathes the small leaves of the installation will move at the same rate as the breath.

Materials Used:

Made of thin fabric (probably white muslin)

22 Gauge Wire to form a structured armature

Regular Thread

Conductive Thread

A Breathing Sensor:  Some sort of small microphone

Nitinol Wire


Proposal Two:

This is another concept of the same idea, but a more literal one.  I will construct one or more small houses (between 6 inches and a foot) out of paper (possibly lit from within from LEDs). Outside of the house will be a breathing sensor for viewers to breath into.  As the viewer breathes, the house will swell or contract.


Cardstock Weight White Paper

Jade Glue

Conductive Thread

A Breathing Sensor:  Some sort of small microphone

First Prototype:

Here is my moodboard for the final project.