Materials (Required)

There are two list of materials. The first one is composed of materials that are a bit expensive and will be purchased collectively and will be available to you in the class locker.
a .Collective

  • CuPro-Cote  at EMF
  • Conductive Fabric for circuits at EMF, Sparkfun and Silverell
  • 3M™ Aluminum Conductive Tape at Tedpella
  • Conductive Thread for sewing machine at Sparfun
  • Conductive Thread for hand sewing at Sparfun
  • Resistive Thread (light gray) at EMF
  • Electroluminescent Kit  here
  • Resistive ink (liquid graphite) at Guerra
  • Thermocromic inks Matsui
  • Velostat  3M at EMF

b. Individual

Tool box:

sewing needles + scissors+ paper glue + small tip brushes + X-Acto knife + regular sewing cotton thread + ruler + wire clippers + tweezers + hot glue + fabric+resistors


Marterials (Additional)

“How to get what you want”: .KOBAKANT DIY Wearable Technology Documentation