I have two proposals for my final project.  I’d like to tie my final project in with my final project for Major Studio.  The concept for my major studio project is to visually portray through an interactive art installation the way our personal identity is tied up in our physical or emotional home.

Proposal One:

This is the final project that I am working on for major studio.  It is a model of an installation.  It is a sphere shape that viewers can interact with by blowing into the breath sensors.  As the viewer breathes the small leaves of the installation will move at the same rate as the breath.

Materials Used:

Made of thin fabric (probably white muslin)

22 Gauge Wire to form a structured armature

Regular Thread

Conductive Thread

A Breathing Sensor:  Some sort of small microphone

Nitinol Wire


Proposal Two:

This is another concept of the same idea, but a more literal one.  I will construct one or more small houses (between 6 inches and a foot) out of paper (possibly lit from within from LEDs). Outside of the house will be a breathing sensor for viewers to breath into.  As the viewer breathes, the house will swell or contract.


Cardstock Weight White Paper

Jade Glue

Conductive Thread

A Breathing Sensor:  Some sort of small microphone

First Prototype: