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The purpose of my Soft Circuits final was to create an artificial Neural Network. The circuit method I planed to use one wired in parallel. The Neural Network was to send an electrical pulse to the next neuron; or rather the chain of LED’s will light when connected to the next Neuron. The basis of this idea comes from the fact that our brain only knows the patterns sent to us via our five senses. All of our perceptions and knowledge about the world is built from these patterns.

At the start I really wanted to wire tri color LEDs to the top, mid, and bottom of the Neurons; and based on the way one closes the circuit the color and pattern of flashing lights would change. But alas, while trying to solder a connection to the Red, Blue and Green (3 positive leads and 1 ground) I melted more LEDs, then I care to mention, and if that wasn’t bad enough I could always get all 3 colors working on each LED. So eventually I changed my strategy to soldering a connection to the Red only thus forwarding my ability to have a creation. Also not being very familiar with Arduino I wasn’t able to code for multiple light pattern interactions, but just had various blinking across the whole neural connection.

From this experience I have learned far more about circuits, connectivity and physical computing then I did ever know before. Although I am a real newbie and all of these learning experiences were strange and unfamiliar I am very glad to have participated in them. I am now aware of possibilities never before revealed to me.