1. Create a circuit on a breadboard

2. Transfer your circuit from the your actual breadboard to Fritzing breadboard mode. Make sure you connections are exactly the same in both (real and virtual) breadboard

3. Switch to PCB view in Fritzing. Now drag all parts of your circuit to the green rectangle (PCB board)

4. Make sure you place the components with most connections in the center of the green rectangle (usually this will be your microcontroler)

5. Now click on the Autoroute icon

6. You will see now a new arrangements the connections between components. If you run across problems when autorouting, you will find troubleshooting tips at the Fritzing website.

7. Now go to the Trace menu and select Design Rules Check to make sure that your connections are not to close to each other among other things

8. Export files as  PDF.

9. Open file in Illustrator and adjust line thickness to be etched with the laser cutter.

10. Follow instruction on Salt and Vinergar etching by HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT