For this project, I looked at Fractals which I am obsessed with, especially lighting and electrical treeing. So I wanted a skirt that somehow mimic lighting. The skirt starts out really long on the back, and short in the front… And then when something triggers it, the front goes down kind quick like lightning. Also the skirt starts out really dark, black light the night sky, and when it goes down, it also changes color somewhat, and a bright purple/silver/gold shows through in spots.

So the idea is that either with a really loud noise, or if you are in a really dark room, or some other trigger, you heat up the Shape Memory Alloy wire in the skirt, which makes it un-coil. which it makes the skirt shoot down. Also while the wire is heated, it will heat up the fabric on top, and the thermochromic ink will become transparent, showing the color underneath. This wiring can be made to mimic fractal patterns, so that the color shows through in an interesting pattern.

I hope this wasnt too confusing and odd, here is the moodboard to clear it up a little (I hope)