Laura and I are teaming up to create a wall installation that people will interact with by touch.

We were inspired by the concept of the security blanket; some sort of soft textile object (blanket, stuff animal) from childhood that brings out a sense of calm and serenity when touching it somehow. The texture of the object can vary depending on its condition; new and old textile objects have textures that can bring an emotional and psychological comfort when touched.

Artist Inspiration: Chiharu-Shiota:

Our plan is to create an abstract wall landscape made up of different textured fabrics. We want to create stroke sensors to install in those fabrics, and when people stroke the fabrics, they will bring out different soothing sounds (we haven’t figured it out what types yet).

We also have an idea to put together a “Make-Your-Own Coosh” kit, adapting the same idea into a handheld form and selling it to people.

Possible Materials:

Conductive and Resistive thread
Computer running max/msp
Blue SMiRF for wireless communication
Fluffy textiles (shag bath rugs, shag yarn texture, faux-fur, etc.)
Batteries and lilypad holders
Lilypad Audrino
Conductive fabric (for the stroke sensor)
Upholstery foam