Been able to connect any of your sensors through Arduino to Max MSP will allow to be able to manipulate and play in real time with sound, video and images in the MaxMSP environment.


1. Download MaxMSP here, and download Arduino2Max here.

2.Before you start using MaxMSP you want to make sure that your sensors and switches are working properly. Test them by connecting them to your Arduino and uploading either the Button code from the example folder or the AnologIn also from the example folder. Now they you know they are working, let’s start connecting Arduino to Max.

3. In the Arduino2Max folder find the Arduino2Max.pde file. Open the file and upload the code  to your Arduino. You can close this file. Your Arduino is now ready to start interfacing with MaxMSP.

4. Unplug your the USB cable that connects from your Arduino from your computer ( there seems to be a bug in the later version on Max2Arduino that it does not detect the input coming from the Arduino unless the Arduino gets connected after the Max2Arduino patch is launched)

5. Open the MaxMSP file ( patch) that came in the Arduino2Max folder

6. From the pull down menu Bluetooth-PDA- Sync select the first USB driver  then click on the start button.

7. If you have a switch connected to a digital in of the Arduino you will see one of the yellow circle light up. The number in the boxes above the circle correspond to the digital input number to which your switch is connected in your Arduino board.

8. If you have a sensor connected to one of the analog inputs of  the Arduino, you will see a value between o-1023 in the gray boxes at the bottom. The number in the boxes above the gray boxes correspond to the analog input number to which your sensor is connected in your Arduino board

9. Now that you got your sensors or switches communicating with Max, you can copy the part of the patch that listens to Analog or digital inputs or both and paste it into your patch. If you do not have experience with Max MSP, we have provided some patches to get you started here.