Favorite Things:

With technology:

¨     MacBook Pro

¨     Ipod

¨     Samsung Epic

¨     Skullcandy Headphones

¨     Portable Speakers

¨     WD External

¨     Flash Disk Bracelet

¨     DS Lite

¨     Microwave

¨     Flat Screen T.V

With Out technology:

¨     Disney’s Pocahontas Cup

¨     Bed Quilt

¨     Unruled Notebooks

¨     Black Extra Fine Pens

¨     Fox Stuffed Animal

¨     Jack The Pumpkin King Paper Weight

¨     Metal Starwars Lunch Box

¨     Water Canteen

¨     Nike Dunks

¨     Hand Knit Scarf

The Combo

ROLE: Portable Sound Amplifier

LOOK & FEEL: Looks Just like a Stuffed animal. Feels nice and furry. Is light weight.

Fox Box

IMPLEMENTATION: stick Ipod or mp3 player into the dolls belly. The sides or stomach of the animal play the music.

Cookie Box