Objects with Technology: kitchen timer, canon G11, DVR, time capsule, scanner, imac, headphones, electric toothbrush

Objects without Technology: paper weight, candle, chopsticks, pillow, rug, camera tripod, teapot, scarf, flower pot

My idea is to combine headphones + a pillow to create a pillow alarm clock.

ROLE: Pillow acts as an alarm clock. The user can set the amount of time he/she wants to sleep. Once it has reached that amount of time, the speakers will go off, increasing in volume until the person moves away from the pillow.

LOOK & FEEL: The pillow will appear and feel like any other pillow. The speakers embedded inside will be small and unnoticeable to the person sleeping. The only part that is visible, will be the small buttons controlling the timer – start & stop. materials: pillow, extra cotton stuffing, speakers, conductive thread, lilypad.

IMPLEMENTATION: User presses the red/start button near the corner of the pillow. When the time is up, the speakers will release sound; volume increases over time and until the person moves (sensor). If the sensor does not work immediately, the stop button can be used instead.