Here is my list of favorite objects:

involving technology:

  • phone – communication/textmessaging/internet
  • ipod
  • camera
  • wacom tablet
  • scanner
  • heated blanket

not involving technology:

  • rainboots
  • mirror
  • boots – wacom tablet
  • blanket
  • leggings with heater and cold sensor
  • tights
  • scarf
  • jacket
  • bed
  • pillow that plays music
  • coffee cup

I decided to combine a heated blanket and leggings to create cold activated leggings.  I also considered pressure sensitive boots that functioned as a wacom tablet as well as a pressure sensitive pillow that played music to help you sleep.  Here are some precidents for the leggings:

Role:  Leggings and a heated blanket both cover you and keep you warm.  A blanket serves as a comforting device, letting you escape from the world, where as clothing is what separates you from the world when you’re ready to go out into it.

Look and Feel:  I’d like to use thicker leggings, so they’ll already be warm, and use the heating implements to run along the normal stitches of the leggings, so as not to be seen.

Implement:  There will have to be heating elements running through the leggings, being triggered either by a switch or by a temperature sensor.


Here are my prototypes for the cold activated leggings: