without technology: shoes, magazines, glasses, jewelery, barbies, travel guidebooks, paint, snuggy

with technology: SLR camera, wacom tablet, headphones, Apple TV, laptop, iPod, polar watch, nespresso coffee machine,


role: long earrings that are also earphones.

look and feel: metal earring, the bottom piece has a speaker and is covered with rubber like material.

Implementation: wireless earphones that connect to you’re mp3 player within you’re earrings

color mixing press machine

role: a press machine in which you can measure water and mixing colors to a primary color you want to use.

look and feel: machine with handle.

implementation: capsules of primary colors, three liquid containers, for water, black white and color, to be able measure.

Snuggie with Apple Remote:

role: using conductive fabric within a snuggie to have a remote control for the apple tv.

look and feel: 6 fabric squares

implementation: 6 switches for an apple remote