Week 9: April 9th
1. Intro to electronic inks: electroluminscent and thermocromic
2. Circuits for inks
3. Making a display with electroluminescent and thermochromic ink

1. Finish the electroluminescent and thermochromic displays that you started during class. Document them on the blog

2. Envision 3 different applications for thermochromic or/and electroluminescent inks. Make sketches of your design and post on the blog

Suggested readings:
“Smart Materials in architecture, interior architecture and design” by Axel Ritter
Dynamic Ornament: The Design of Responsive Surfaces in Architecture by Mark Meagher, David van der Maas, Christian Abegg, and Jeffrey Huang


kits-of-not-parts by Plusea

Oscillator Series by Elise Co.Nikita Pashenkov

More info here

System by Zane Berzina

More info here

STD Wallpaper by kirk mueller

More info here

Clemens Winker: Digital Traces

Link to documentation of the project here