Week 8: March 28th
1. Hacking of toy piano
2. Sensors: photo cell, reed switches, capacitance, microphone, presence

3. Soft sensors part 2: tilt sensor,  stretch sensor,  grid sensor and potentiometer

Prototype the Input part of your project. Examine what kind of sensors or switches would be appropriate for your project. Bring a working prototype for next class.


Suggested reading:
Sculptured computational objects with smart and active computing materials by Orth, Margaret A.
A Force-Sensitive Surface for Intimate Control by Randy Jones,Peter Driesseny Andrew Schloss,George Tzanetakis


Controls by Thad Starner

Textile XY

more info here

‘Bravo’ by Melissa Colemans

more info here

Performance DJ Hoodie

hoodiesampler from clemens pichler aka fump on Vimeo.
Documentation here.

“ohm” lo-fi cardboard sampler