Week 6: March 7th
1. Demo how to connect Arduino2Max to sensors. See tutorial here.
2. Process of developing concept for Final begins. Provide guidelines.
3. Design process part l:  strategy, brain storming, mind maps ( in class activity). The different stages of design
4. Design challenge: make a rough prototype of one of your ideas (group or individual)

1. Gather visual inspiration for your final concept and create a mood board.
2. Clearly articulate your concept and interaction. Use any sketches or any other visual aids to help you convey what you have in mind.
3. Create a first round of rough prototype: define what aspect of your project you are prototyping for: look + feel, role or implementation. These will be presented to the rest of the class after spring break.

4. Connect  one of your sensor or switch to MaxMSP and have it play a sound, show an image or a video
5. Post in the blog a link to your favorite artist


Winter Quilts by missmoun

Winter Quilts from missmoun on Vimeo.