Week 3: February 7th
1. Intro to Arduino and digital inputs + outputs. First sketch and trouble shooting
2. Intro to breadboard and Fritzing
3. Construction of paper sensors and 3D forms in paper.
4. Review: Preparing files for laser cutter


1. Read  A Construction Kit for Electronic Textiles by Leah L Buechley.
2. If you have no experience working with arduino, please read Getting Started with Arduino p. 29-51. ( you can find the book in the class locker)
3. Construct a circuit   that has at least one paper pressure sensors,  one switch and two LEDs. See tutorial on connecting LEDs in parallel and series.   These circuit will be part of class’ Material Library. The circuit should be on 4×4 piece of paper and attention should be paid to craftsmanship, aesthetics and durability.
4. Choose a 3d shape from the two  paper form books in the locker or from the polyhydran website to construct a small interface that is 3D ( not flat). Your interface should have working circuit  that is integrated into the 3d shape. Try it: use your  Arduino to blink or fade an LED or LEDs.


My first Paper Circuit from Plusea