Week 2: January 31st
1. Interactivity as a conversation. Human and computer interaction. Physical computing.
2. Introductions to simple circuits on paper: exploring techniques and materials.
3. Switches, resistors, variable resistors and LEDs (parallel + series)

1. Finish up the paper circuit that you started in class and bring to the next class.

2. Construct 1-2 circuit out of paper that integrate the materials that you were introduced to during class. These two circuit will be part of class’ Material Library. The circuit should be on 4×4 piece of paper and attention should be paid to craftsmanship, aesthetics and durability. Document your circuit in the blog by posting:

  • a picture
  • a list of materials that you used to make it
  • a description of what it is and does

3. Choose a lever, slide or pivot mechanism from Elements of Pop-up book‘s last pages to create a switch. Document it on the blog
4.Bring all circuits to class

3. Download Fritzing and watch intro video.
4. Download and install Arduino


Paper interfaces by Takashi Kondo

Electronic Popables by Jie Qi

Fold Lou by Joo Youn Paek (precedents page)

Link to basic circuit diagrams