Week 9: April 4th
Guest speaker: Jie Qi

dorkbot-nyc, 03 February 2010 — Jie Qi: Paper Computing — bendable, foldable, cutable hardware from dorkbot on Vimeo.

Movement:Intro to motors. Servo motors and Arduino. Making things move. An intro to SMA wire

1. Create a paper or fabric 3D shape that moves through the use of motors.

Suggested readings:
Programmable matter by folding byE. Hawkesa
Skorpions: Kinetic Electronic Garments by Berzowska, J., Mainstone, D., Bromley, M., Coelho,
Interactive Paper Devices: End-user Design & Fabrication by Greg Saul, Cheng Xu, Mark D Gross.
Sprout I/O: A Texturally Rich Interface by Marcelo Coelho and Pattie


Prototype by Juliette Sallin

1st prototype from Juliette Sallin on Vimeo.

The Skorpions with Di Mainstone

Textile movement study by Meg Grant

textile movement study 1 from meg grant on Vimeo.