Week 10: April 11th
1. (Re)Making PCB boards out of fabric, paper and copper sheets

2. Fritzing Demo

3. Submitting files to the protoboard:

a. submit Gerber files to protoboardmaker@gmail.com

4. Creating a DIY PCB board

1. Make a circuit board of one of your circuits from past projects or create a new one.
2. Integrate the circuit board you just finished into a circuit with the rest of the electronic components

Suggested readings:
Fabric PCBs, electronic sequins, and socket buttons: techniques for e-textile craft by Leah Buechley Æ Michael Eisenberg

Online tutorials:
Fabric PCB Tutorial ( by High-Low Tech group at MIT )
Salt and Vinegar Etching ( by High-Low Tech group at MIT )
Sew-through Soft Circuits (by Meredith Scheff)



more info here

Printed flex circuits by Leah Buechley

Order your own printed flex circuits here