Week 1: January 24th
1. Introductions. The class blog and how to document your work.
2. Explain the material library project and assignment.
3. The design process. Watch excerpt from Objectify

4. What Do Prototypes Prototype

1. Take ten minutes two write a list of your favorite objects. They can be anything. This is simply to get you to brain storm. There should be two categories: objects that have technology in them and objects that do  not (ie: tea cup, plants, books) Now try to combine at least one from each category into an interface. Don’t get to cough up on whether this combination makes sense, be playful, experiment and come up with your own narratives that give your object a context.

Document the concept of your interface on the blog together with 3 rough prototypes that illustrate the look + feel, role and implementation of your interface.

2. Readings:
Transitive Materials: Towards an Integrated Approach to Material Technology by Marcelo Coelho, Sajid Sadi, Pattie Maes, Joanna Berzowska and  Neri Oxman
Electronic Popables: exploring paper-based computing through an interactive pop-up book by Jie Qi and Leah Buechley
Suggested reading:
What Do Prototypes Prototype by Stephanie Houde and Charles